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By completing this application, you are registering to become an EIR School. The EIR Program Office will use the information you provide to match your school with one of our volunteer engineers. Volunteer engineers and their teacher partners are asked to attend a 1-day orientation session in October. You will receive more information about this once you have been matched with an engineer. All EIRs are asked to undergo a police check. If we are not able to match you with an engineer, you will be placed on a first-come, first-served waiting list for the program.

Grade 7 and 8 teachers, you have the option of signing up for the 2015/16 school year WEMADEIT pilot program where your EIR will help you deliver fun and hands-on engineering lessons that fit directly into the Ontario STEM curriculum. You and your EIR will also receive additional support from the WEMADEIT team and have the chance to win a field trip to the Ontario Science Centre. If you’re interested check the WEMADEIT box below!

To apply to become an EIR School, please complete the following web-based form or download and print the PDF version. The completed printed form can mailed to: Engineer in Residence Program c/o Engineers Without Borders Canada, 312 Adelaide St. W Suite 302, Toronto, ON, M5V 1R2

   School Contact Information
1. Please provide the following contact information:
School name
Telephone number
Fax number
Principal name
Principal Email address
School Board
2. Please indicate whether you school is a...
3. Is your school a...
4. Approximately how many students
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5. Approximately how many teachers
are there at your school?
   EIR Program Information
6. Are you interested in the WEMADEIT pilot program?
7. To help the volunteer engineer integrate into the school community, it is often useful to provide the EIR with access to a phone, desk, and/or mailbox. Please indicate what type of facilities could be provided to the EIR while they are onsite.
8. The EIR Program requires one teacher to act as a primary contact teacher, to be the EIR’s liaison in the school and to help with the coordination of this program. Please indicate the name of this teacher, as well as their specialty (if applicable) and grade levels that they teach. If able, please also name a Deputy Contact Teacher to ensure program continuity. Naming a Deputy is not mandatory for the EIR program.

Primary Contact
Primary contact teacher name
Telephone number
(if different from school)
Fax number
(if different from school)
Grade level(s)
Email address
Area of specialty (if applicable)
Deputy Contact
Deputy contact teacher name:
Grade level(s):
Email address:
Area of specialty (if applicable)
9. Why do you want your school to be involved in the EIR program?
10. In which way(s), do you feel an EIR can best support your school?
11. If there is one thing that you hope to achieve by having this program in your school, what would it be?
12. Do you have any special requirement(s)/preference(s) for your EIR?
13. Is your school involved in any school support programs or business-education partnerships? (If yes, please list)
14. How did you hear about the EIR program?
From another EIR Conference/Convention
Internet Mailing
Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) Other (please specify)
Authorizing Principal